KitchenBoss Vacuum Sealer Machine

KitchenBoss Vacuum Sealer Machine Automatic Vacuum Sealing System For Food Preservation with Starter Kit include 20PCS Food vacuum Bags- White

Brand KitchenBoss
Material ABS
Color White-G200
Item Dimensions LxWxH 14.96 x 5.35 x 2.75 inches
Item Weight 3.96 Pounds

About this item

  • Fire & heat resistant housing: this product’s housing is made from v0 level abs-pc material which provides several advantages, including high temperature resistance and a guarantee for continuous working time. it reaches the food grade and reach environmental protection standard.
  • High endurance body coating: the coating of the g200 housing uses piano mirror coating craftsmanship. it is completely smooth and does not fade, aiming for long lasting durability. for g200 color options available: pearl white, metallic silver.
  • Multi sealing mode for all freshness: our multi-function vacuum sealer machine provides the best preservation for your food: “inching” for soft foods like bread; “vac seal” for wet & dry foods like frozen meat, vegetables; “seal only” for sealing without vacuuming; and ‘’individual vac. hose’’ to keep canister food fresh for 8x longer than normal, marinate bowl, wine stoppers and preventing food from freezer burn, and hence reducing spoilage & waste.also good for sous vide cooking.
  • Strong suction power: thanks to the highly effective vacuum pump and the out-performing motor, the sealer provides up to -60kpa of suction force. no more air in the bag and keep food fresh.
  • Appearance design: ABS fireproof material, pearlescent paint, high gloss piano surface. Easier to clean, compact size, easy to store, the overall size is designed to be light and thin, saving valuable space in the kitchen when storing
  • Sealing double detection design: when the sealing machine extracts all the air after sealing, after sealing will again be pumping detection, to ensure that the sealing mouth completely meet the standard
  • Locking design: Push down logo on both sides of the machine, you need to press the Push down on both sides when using, lock the latch when you can vacuum and seal the operation! Make sure the lock can be perfect vacuum and sealing!
  • Vacuum jar interface: equipped with a connection tube for vacuuming, which can be paired with a vacuum wine stopper for sealing and preserving red wine, suitable for most vacuum jar evacuation operations!
  • High temperature resistant sealing cotton: the use of high elasticity and high temperature resistant sealing cotton design, to prevent incomplete sealing, too poor resulting in vacuum degradation.
  • Exquisite gift box design: full color gift box design, perfect gift for friends, birthday gift, mother’s day gift.

Product description



Key Features

Super vacuum air, by using a commercial grade vacuum pump and highly effective motor, Kitchenboss vacuum sealer works with strong air.

Open lid protection, opening the lid will automatically turn off the heat element,ensuring safety.

Intelligent control: CUP is developed in USA,Intelligent temperature control to help ensure the bag seals perfectly.

Multi- function Food Sealer, Portable Size, Easy Convenient Operation.

1.VAC seal function: Automatic vacuum sealing

2.Inching function: Manual control the air suction, for Moist, Soft or Fragile Food, like Pickles, Bread, Grape etc.

3.Seal only function: Seal only the Bags, Do not vacuum.

4.Air suction: Connect with the hose to Vacuum Canning Jars, Containers, Box and Canisters to vacuum air suction.


Brand: KitchenBoss

Model: G200

Voltage: 100-240Vac (universal)

Rated Power: 100W

Vacuum Strength: -60kPa

Working Noise: 65dB

Sealing Width: 30cm

Sealing Time: 6~10s

VAC Seal Time: 10~20s

Dimensions: 38x12x6.8cm

N.W: 4 lb /1.8 Kg

Package Includes:

(1) Vacuum Sealer Machine

(10) 15x25cm vacuum sealer bags

(10) 20x30cm vacuum sealer bags

(1) Accessory Hose

(1) User Manual