Commercial Ozone Generator

Commercial Ozone Generator 10000mg/h Industrial air purifier Ionizer Ozonator Deodorizer Ozone Machine for Rooms, Home, Smoke, Farms, Cars and Pets

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  • Over 10,000 mg/h High Capacity ozone output, ozone plate a 5-year or 20,000-hour service life.
  • Ozone is one the most powerful oxidant, which effectively removes odor and is suitable for use anywhere.
  • Set the timer and leave it at home for thorough air cleaning. Apply the ozone treatment Two to three timesa week for normal use. Increase the treatment duration and frequency when air problem recurring.
  • The timer is automatically turned off for 120 minutes. All ozone generators can only be used in vacant space. Ensure that NO people (and NO pets) in the room when it’s working. Return to the room when all residual ozone reverts back to oxygen, which costs normally One Hours
  • Suitable for all places, such as hospitals, farms, basements, bars, carpet cleaning, warehouses, rooms, ships, kitchens, production workshops, pet rooms, restrooms, cars, etc.

Product Description

Ozone Generator

Multi-functional Ozone Generator, You Deserve It !

Ozone generator decomposes odors by generating O3, eliminating any odors in rooms, basements, offices, kitchens and cars

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