cleancult Liquid Hand Soap Refill

cleancult Liquid Hand Soap Refill | Biodegradable Eco Friendly Non Toxic Moisturizing Sensitive Skin Safe Natural Ingredient Reduced Waste Package, Lavender Scent, 16 oz Carton, 3 Pack

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Ingredients Liquid Hand Soap Eco Friendly
Scent Lavender
Brand Cleancult
Skin Type All
Target Gender Unisex

About this item

  • Safe for All Skin Types: This gentle, non-irritating liquid hand soap is balancing for all skin types; Repeated use keeps hands clean but also keeps the skin conditioned, which naturally keeps your hands healthy and protected
  • Restorative Moisturizing Soap: Coconut oil, olive oil, vitamin E, and a specialized blend of essential oils cleanse the hands without stripping your natural oils; Your hands will be clean and soft with the all-natural scent of Lavender
  • Eco Friendly: Plastic has become a serious problem, polluting the oceans and landfills; Our hand soap refills are packaged in paper-based milk cartons to reduce plastic waste, and they are shipped sustainably
  • Saves You Money: Save money, time, and the planet by ordering this 3 pack of liquid hand soap refills; Refill your own containers or one of our glass pumps containers; Buying in bulk reduces shipping cost as well
  • Refill, Recycle, Repeat: Refill your hand soap, recycle your paper container, and repeat; together we can all take steps that contribute to a healthy plant

Product Description

The Cleancult System

The most sustainable cleaning system from start to finish. We created a revolutionary, sustainable and paper-based packaging system that reduces plasticuse by 90%.

Our Story

Cleancult was built to fix all of the dirty problems with cleaning. By making natural cleaners that actually clean, with ingredients you can actually understand, in the first ever paper packaging in the industry (milk cartons rather than plastic bottles), Cleancult is redefining clean.

Named an IAB Top 250 Consumer brand in its first year of launch, Cleancult is positioned to be the quickest growing better for your consumer brand in the country across retail, DTC, and Amazon. For every customer who joins the Cleancult, we’re removing over 44lbs of plastic from the world.

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